Newcomers to Congress

The Most Comprehensive Analysis Available of America’s New Lawmakers

“Newcomers To Congress” is the single most detailed and informative guide to the elected officials coming to Capitol Hill for the 114th Congress.

Released just days after the November election, the report is the only one-stop source for everything about the new members, from policy positions and political philosophy, to detailed biographies and financial backers, to staff members and district information.

Hundreds of pages of in-depth information, the analysis in “Newcomers To Congress” is based on candidate statements, websites and filings, census data, leading news coverage and other independent sources.

This authoritative report will give government affairs professionals, lobbyists, public affairs firms, associations and nonprofits all the information they need to understand the congressional freshmen and to establish strategies to best approach America’s next generation of lawmakers.

The 114th Congress edition features the following for every newcomer to Congress:

  • Full member biographies and fast facts
  • Political philosophy and policy positions on issues ranging from the economy and taxes to energy and the environment, from budgets and health care to defense and agriculture
  • Campaign staff and political consultants
  • Campaign fundraising figures and leading contributors
  • General election and primary results
  • Previous results from congressional and presidential elections
  • District profiles and maps
  • Demographic data from the U.S. Census on population, race, employment, industries, income, health care and education


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Newcomers to Congress. Who the 114th congressional freshman area and what they think View Gary Palmer (R-AL) »

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